Introducing Quattro Carbon Fibre

Quattro carbon fibre is a high-performance product that has been used in the aerospace industry for decades. It offers lightweight strength and stiffness, excellent corrosion resistance, and it doesn’t absorb moisture as other materials do. Quattro carbon fibre composites are composed of Quattro carbon fibres embedded in a resin matrix that can be shaped into various forms to suit your needs.

How is Quattro carbon fibre made?

In Quattro carbon fibre composites, Quattro carbon fibres are embedded in a resin matrix. This is done by using spinning and weaving machines that produce Quattro carbon fibers into mats or fabrics, which can then be used to create Quattro carbon fiber composites.

How do you determine the quality of Quattro carbon fibre?

The Quattro carbon fibres have to meet stringent requirements before using them in Quattro carbon fibre composites. For example, the quality carbon fibre must have a tensile strength of at least 18 GPa if it will be made into Quatro carbon fiber fabric or mat, and 25GPa if Quattro carbon fibre will be made into Quatro carbon fibre mat.


Quattro carbon fibre Quattro is considered an excellent and expensive material for use in Quattro carbon fiber composites.