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InsurTech Podcast: Maximus Yaney CEO of Kangaroo on Home Security

Entrepreneur Maximus Yaney recently appeared on the FNO: Insuretech podcast to discuss his latest venture. As Founder and CEO of Kangaroo Security, Max Yaney and his team are working to provide consumers with the best affordable home security system on the market.

Below is a transcription of two excerpts from the podcast. The Kangaroo Security CEO discusses why the rise of iOT technology inspired him and his team to focus their attention on home security systems, and how an emphasis on limiting waste has made it possible for them to offer the best home security system and best home security cameras without charging more than customers can afford.

FNO: When you talk about home security and your product, you’re not just talking about keeping intruders out, right?

Yaney: No, that’s certainly part of it, but I think from a more holistic level and why this team got into this space. Why we got really excited about iOT technology was […the example of] Nest. It sort of in a way, broke the glass ceiling for iOT, and it was from that example that the rest of the world started to wake up and say, “Wow, this is amazing that we all of a sudden can extend our consciousness remotely back home.” So, this entire team came from a tech-focused background. We love taking the raw materials and building things, but in particular, iOT we very much saw as part of the physical world starting to wake up around us, starting to get some form of activity and basic intelligence we can graft with it. And that was the big motivator for us: to be fundamentally part of something that would be so moving where it really is a step function change in value as a species level, holistically speaking. So, we’re really excited to do our small part to push the species forward.

That’s the way we see iOT, and our entrypoint into that became home security. Home security was an obvious entrypoint.

FNO: Are you obsessive about price?

Yaney: Obsessive about not having waste built into the system. I think when you tear apart almost any product out there, you can always find waste, whether it’s wasted materials, wasted packaging, waste in logistics, waste with the way the pallet is packed, waste in the entire supply chain process. And that’s something that Amazon over the past 20 years has really shown us. If you cut the waste out of that system, then you can deliver incredible value to your customers, and those customers will reward you for delivering that value.

About Maximus Yaney

Kangaroo CEO Maximus Yaney is a successful entrepreneur whose former ventures include the Google-acquired Titan Aerospace. As the CEO of Kangaroo Security, Maximus Yaney aspires to revolutionize a product in a way that directly benefits consumers. He is now striving to make home security more effective and affordable for everyone. Follow Maximus Yaney’s LinkedIn and Maximus Yaney’s Twitter to learn more about the entrepreneur.