Insight Of Tempus Controller Wifi

Tempus has developed new specially designed Toro Tempus Pro Series Controller to perform smart irrigation under wifi access. It can be operated on laptop, pc, android under home network. The highly advanced water budget feature implemented in tempus controller wifi regulates and schedules the time and amount of water to be supplied from 0-200% in subsequent increments of 10%.

The irrigation can be postponed with the help of rain delay feature from 1 day to 1 month. During uncertain power cuts, the super capacitor facilitates long lasting power back up upto 24 hours. It expands the life span of battery as well as checks the total discharge of the tempus controller. It is very easy to install and program on any smart device. The multilingual LED display enables access to five different languages ie. English, Spanish, French, German or Italian. This smart controller is best suited for all kind of adjustments in indoor set ups as well as in outdoor set ups.