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I don’t get it, Twisted

We understand your frustration. When you close your eyes and imagine this nightmare, you see this seductive vixen staring at your boyfriend, lustfully, desiring and exciting him. Nope. It’s a performance. The stripper has one goal: to make money. So when she spins on the pole, she sweeps the room for the best marks.

She didn’t find your husband hot. She was not interested in him. She wasn’t attempting to seduce him or compete with you. She wouldn’t even make eye contact if she saw him in the parking lot.

For her, this was business–the lap dance is the stripper’s duty to make gobs of extra cash.

If you have ill feelings about strippers, let it go now. These are some of the best workaholics earth could ever ask for. Don’t get it twisted; they are only trying to make meet ends. Click here for more.