Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Is A Popular Alternative To Medications

Is hypnotherapy for weight loss a reality? The answer is yes, but not the easily obtainable kind of weight loss hypnotherapy you see on television. In reality, hypnotherapy for weight loss is a form of treatment that deals with the subconscious reasons why some people gain weight and lose it. Hypnotherapy has been used in weight loss since the 1970s. Some of this research even highlights the role of hypnotherapy in overcoming negative self-perception and the belief that we do not deserve to be thin. Two major meta-analyses have shown the efficacy of hypnotherapy as a weight-loss treatment and its great contribution to behavioral modification therapy (CBT).

One of the most common forms of treatment, aside from diet and exercise, is hypnotherapy for weight loss because it can help patients change their negative behaviors. In other words, hypnotherapy is a great therapy to reinforce a patient’s will to improve his or her diet and physical condition. In addition, hypnotherapy sessions can also help patients change their sense of reward and motivation. Many dieters have reported that they’ve lost weight after completing one or two hypnotherapy sessions.