How To Use A Trailer Tie-Down System

Many trailer owners don’t know how to use their trailer tie-down system. This article will give you three quick and easy steps to properly secure your trailer with a trailer tie down system.

1) Make sure that the trailer is level – The first step in securing your trailer is making sure it’s level. You want all four tires to be touching the ground so that they can offer more stability when loading or unloading cargo onto the trailer. If one or two of your tires are off the ground, add some blocks underneath them until they’re back on solid ground again.

2) Attach at least two ratchet straps per side of the trailer – Once you’ve made sure that your trailer is level, you need to attach at least two ratchet straps to the trailer. Make sure that your trailer has a support beam in the middle of it so you can easily thread one strap through and then pull both ends tight to secure it again.

3) Load trailer with cargo – Once both sides of your trailer are securely attached, it’s time to load the trailer. You can’t just throw all of the boxes on top because they’ll end up flying everywhere or be crushed when you drive down the highway at high speeds.


The trailer tie-down system ensures that your cargo stays locked in place on the trailer and doesn’t move around.