How to Select Correct Sanitary Pump for Certain Application?

As you know, nowadays pumps are invariably used in most of the process industries for various high purity applications in the food, pharmaceutical items and beverage products. In order to select right kind of pump for certain special applications, one has to use his experience and various analytical tools that assists the process, which may include pump sizing programs, manufacture’s data and pressure drop calculation software.

One of the most important keys to choose the right sanitary pumps is to get as much application data as possible from different clients who have got wide knowledge about various products and their applications. Some of the suppliers of these pumps also provide certain datasheets for pump application, so that the customer can fill them up as much they know about their process. The suppliers can review these data and that can help them to provide certain guidelines to select right pump for certain applications.

Following are few inputs that are asked from the users of the pump.

  • Application description

Understanding of the actual application can help in selection of right pump for the application however it must also be supported with many other data about the actual process.

  • Fluid description

Every fluid has certain different property and requirement of different elastomers and seals. Their vapor pressure may also be different and can influence suction condition.

  • Viscosity

Viscosity is very important parameter to know. Any centrifugal pump will not be suitable for any liquid with higher viscosity.

  • Density /specific gravity

The size of the pump as well as its HP rating will depend upon this parameter of the liquid to be handled.

  • Temperature

There is a different pump needed for high temperature process and therefore knowing about temperature during the flow is very critical parameter.

  • Flow rate

This is obviously going to affect the selection of pump.

  • Discharge pressure

You cannot decide the sizing of the pump unless you know about the discharge pressure.

  • Whether the product sticky or abrasive

The seal material selection will be highly dependent on this factor.

  • Suction condition

It is essential to know how much pump pressure is desired so that you can choose the right pump that can deliver you the right result. How much high it is above the ground level is important to know.

  • Discharge condition

If discharge pressure is not measurable then at least discharge condition can be provided.

  • Seal requirement

If it is known then convey it to your supplier.

  • Motor requirement

Supplier can help you to make right choice of your motor based on above data.