How To Reduce Packaging and Shipping Costs?

Are you a manufacturing company that is newly setup? One of the key processes that you will be handling would be packaging and shipping. This does not have anything to do with the actual manufacturing processes but this step is the most crucial step that stands between your product and your customers.

Packaging and shipping costs are continually increasing year after year. If you do not make careful choices, you may end up with a high overhead costs which in turn would either reduce your profit margins or make your product less competitive in the market. Here are few quick tips to help you cut down the packaging and shipping costs.

Select the right box sizes. If the box is too small, the products you are shipping will not have adequate protection. If you select a box that is bigger than the required size then the product will keep tumbling in the box and in the process, it could get damaged. In case you select boxes that are larger than the required sizes, you may need to additional cushioning supplies and other extra pieces of cardboard structures to hold the product in place.

All these will add on to unnecessary cost of packaging. You will be paying more for larger sized packaging boxes and spend more again for cushioning supplies. As the box sizes are bigger than the required size, fewer boxes will fit the wood crates or pallet. You will also be using more stretch film to hold the boxes together. You will also pay your shipping services more for shipping larger boxes.

As you could see, how a single mistake of selecting the wrong sized box is adding a series of extra expenses to your packaging and shipping costs. You need to therefore have a package engineer design your packaging solutions and based on their recommendations you should purchase wholesale packaging supplies. This will ensure that your packaging costs are optimized and that you do not spend more than what is required.

Source your boxes from a manufacturer who could deliver you custom wholesale shipping supplies and packaging supplies. Instead of picking from the closest matching standard sizes, if you could custom manufacture supplies that match your products accurately, you will spend just the right amount. It is hard to find an accurate match when you go with standard sized packaging supplies and shipping supplies. Inevitably, you would end up spending more than what you should.

Avoid using mediocre packaging and shipping supplies. When you choose products of below average quality, you will not only be able to protect your products from damages but you will also increase your replacement costs because of the damages that occur during shipping. Even if you are going to replace the products at your own cost, your customers are going to be upset with the whole experience. This will result in bigger losses than you could ever imagine. It is not worth losing your brand reputation for the sake of saving few dollars on the packaging supplies.