How To Make An App: A Guide For Beginners

This article will discuss how to invent an app and the steps involved in doing so. We will go over what type of apps there are and give you some ideas for creativity. How many times have you thought about creating a killer app that could make you rich? I hope to show you how easy it is to create your app from scratch in this article!

1) How to invent an app?

First, you need to choose which platform you would like to make your app for Android, iOS (Apple), Windows Phone, Blackberry OS, etc. If you don’t know anything about different operating systems, check out our other article here. We recommend starting with iOS if it is your first time creating an application because Apple makes it straightforward. There are also more applications than any other mobile platform on the market presently (more competition equals more fantastic choices).

2) Then, what else should I do?

You’ll need to sign up for a developer account. Apple charges $99/year, whereas Android is free (but you will also be required to pay transaction fees per download).

Then once that has been taken care of, the actual work begins! It might seem like an overwhelming task at first but trust me. There are so many tutorials and resources available on how to do this now. There are even online courses about developing mobile apps that will walk you through each step from beginning to end, from coming up with nothing more than ideas to getting your app in front of users.
It’s easier than it looks, just gets started and enjoy the process.