How To Invent An App In Nine Steps

Smartphones have become an absolutely necessary piece of technology in today’s world and part of what makes them so useful (apart from being able to make and receive phone calls, of course) is the amazing variety of apps that are available for them.

If you’ve always wanted to make an app or have a great idea you’d like to implement, you’ve probably wondered how to invent an app. With the tools available today, such as drag-and-drop app builders, it’s not that difficult but you’ll have to go through some form of the nine steps listed below:

1. Decide on what your app will do and sketch out its basic functions
2. Do some market research to be sure someone hasn’t already had the same idea
3. Create a mockup of how the app will function
4. Decide on your app’s look with graphic design
5. Build your app’s landing page
6. Create the app using code or an app builder
7. Launch your app in the App Store
8. Market your app to the target market
9. Make improvements to your app based on user feedback