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How To Find Your Purpose In Life

All of our lives have a purpose attached to it. None of us are here by happenstance. Still, for many of us, being sure of that purpose and living from that space seems elusive. Perhaps this is due in large part to the complex simplicity of it all. Still, if you have ever asked yourself the question ‘what is my purpose in life,’ then keep reading. This short but powerful article is for you.

Simple Keys to Finding Your Life’s Purpose

I believe your life’s purpose is already deeply wired within your DNA and was laid out for you long before you got here. Thankfully, you don’t have to remember that far back, however. Instead, there are clues you can find from your life thus far. Your responses to the following questions will help a great deal:

01. What are your core values?

This question seeks to unearth your non-negotiables that remain the defining factors of who you are after all the trappings of life such as careers, education, money, and like have slipped away. In other words, who are you without them.

02. What areas have you struggled with the most?

Often times we struggle the most in areas that we are destined to overcome in and find our true calling. So, your challenges can be pointing you in the right direction.

03. What are your heart’s deepest desires?

All things considered, we all have a passion (or two) that we have allowed the cares and concerns of life to drown out. Digging deep to rediscover this part of ourselves can go a long way in helping us unearth our purpose.