How To Design ELearning Courses

It can be difficult to create eLearning when you are starting with a blank page. Here are three techniques to help with designing eLearning courses:

• Create Prototypes – while you might have a clear idea of the concepts you are communicating, others might see them differently. By creating a prototype you can show the basic elements and invite comments from stakeholders to see if you’re on track.

• Use Moodboards – these can help to get everyone on the same page when designing your course. Moodboards are a collection of words, styles and objects that are related to the concepts you are trying to communicate and provide the basis for brainstorming and creating a consistent look for the course.

• Storyboards to Represent Flow – these allow you to create templates that can be used to show the flow of the course. Storyboards are initially placeholders and contain elements such as the following: title, content text, audio, graphics and navigation instructions.