How To Be A Christian Comedian

Christian Comedians can work well as stand-up comedians or improvisation comedians.

Stand-up comedy is an offshoot of traditional stand-up comedy wherein the material presented consists of long, improvised routines. The routines are usually performed on church premises or at non-church-sponsored, off-site venues. In this stand-up comedy style, the comedian performs in front of a live audience, and the material usually includes jokes about faith, morality, and politics, but often includes songs or parodies of popular song formats.

An excellent place to start learning how to be a Christian Comedian is to find a Christian comedy group. Look for groups affiliated with a major religious denomination and are open to the inclusion of all comers and not just the members of a particular faith. A more affordable option is to learn how to be a stand-up comedian from an actual stand-up comic or by attending one of the many private improv comedy classes available in most cities. Finally, if you want to be a Christian Comedian, you may want to attend church regularly and find an event where your church will be willing to host a fundraiser and need entertainers for a comedy show.