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How to avoid sore while Penis Hanging 

The inexperienced or novice may be perplexed as to why hanging the penis causes a sore penis. There are valid reasons for this. Penis hanging is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It’s a process of putting weights to the penis to stretch it out to a new length in the hopes of attaining a longer penis.

Putting weights on the penis is almost guaranteed to produce some soreness; therefore, it’s in a man’s best interests to minimize it. However, it should be noted that any man putting weights on his penis runs the RISK of serious injury; men who are determined to go down this path should proceed with caution.

 Completely warm the penis before you begin

 Many experts advise starting with a warm (not hot!) penis compress. Heat a washcloth slightly, or soak it in warm water, then wrap it around the penis, softly massaging it inside the washcloth. (Yes, this may cause an erection in a man).