How To Achieve The Look Of Timeless By Design

To be timeless by design, the element that’s the topic of the conversation needs to be decorated in such a fashion to be pleasing to the eye, yet distinctive. The colors should not be Complementary or split complementary. The tones should be closely related as to not disturb the eye with shocking contrast.

Themes should be maintained throughout the total room or rooms. If you have eclectic tastes, tone down the contrasts. The room should feel as if each piece and every detail in the flooring, walls, ceiling, furnishings, and accessories is a consistent part of the whole.

Always have interesting elements in every design, so choose varying textures if you decorate in a limited color scheme. Subtlety introduces new colors or new tonal ranges of color to add fascination to the room’s decor. You’ve achieved success, if when you look at the space, you’re reminded of a picture you once saw in a decorating book.