How Successfully Market Your Community Building Articles?

Successful freelance writers are also great content marketers. The writers promote their work on different channels. Here are ideas to market your community building articles.

Create a Writing Blog

Let the online users know about your professional writing. Come up with a website and use it to notify your followers about any upcoming content. Share links to all published pieces to increase online traffic.

Use Social Media Wisely

Social media pages are perfect for adverting freelance work. Post part of your articles on your accounts. In addition, share your blog and website links to invite more readers.

Email Audience

List your audience and send them emails and newsletter every time you have new pieces. Acknowledge everyone who inspired your work in the article. Also, welcome feedback from readers and website followers.


Professional writers should advertise their work. Creating awareness helps to win and retain online audiences. Even so, create high-quality and informative content.