How Koi Flakes Can Excite Your Aquarium

Koi fish are a type of Amur carp popular in Asian water gardens, ponds, and aquariums. They are colorful and small providing a visual spectacle for onlookers as they swim about. This becomes even more exciting when koi flakes are poured into the pond, garden water, or aquarium and the tiny colorful fish rush to feed.

The koi food causes the fish to react and an aquarium scene with colorful fish and other artificial and real seascapes looks very authentic when the fish do what they would normally do in nature.

You get to watch striking bold colored fish in yellow, bright red with gray spots, spotted, gray with yellow speckles along the back, all these colorful fish swimming slowly as they mill about in the water casually socializing. This scene is relaxing and soothing. Add some flakes and for a few fast paced minutes, those peaceful fish demonstrate sincere passion.