How Integrated Listening Systems Work

How does the integrated Listening Systems (ILS) operate? The ILS is a wireless audio device system that is used to enhance each of the three senses by increasing their awareness, hearing, and balance, and improving their coordination. Each part of the ILS system is set up differently. For example, hearing and balance may be positioned on a single headband or in two separate sets of earpieces.

One of the significant advantages of ILS systems is that they are completely hands-free, which means that no more physical contact is required between the person wearing the system and its surroundings. This can be very important for those who suffer from hearing loss or other conditions that make it hard to listen well. Also, ILS systems have been shown to increase the level of coherence of each sense. When coherence is enhanced, this allows for better brain connectivity and enhanced memory and concentration levels.

There are some different types of ILS systems. Some are worn on the head or neck, while others are worn on the wrists. Some systems can be placed on a single ear. No matter what type of ILS system you choose, you’ll find that it’s a straightforward way to improve your health and well being.