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How Door Jam Protection Works

Door jam protection is a relatively inexpensive type of door safety device often installed in commercial applications or on residential doors. The robust and durable plastic material protects the door frame from damage, including scratches, gouges, dents, and nicks. The easily removable and reapplied door jam protector is an inexpensive alternative to protect expensive wood. This door security product helps prevent unwanted entries and is also available in various sizes for door jams used for multiple door entry purposes.

Available in several styles and sizes, it offers the highest degree of safety and security for all commercial and residential applications. For additional protection, this door security product also features a non-skid design that will not damage your flooring. It also features an anti-slip backing and non-marking powder coat finish that provide long-lasting protection.

Door Jam guards are installed on top of every door frame. When installed correctly, they help prevent intrusion and provide security to doors.