How Can USA Citizens Get An Israel Investor Visa?

In May, the government of Israel opened the door for investors who want to manage their business.

In May, the government of Israel opened the door for investors who want to manage their business. The Ministry of Interior and an interagency committee (Ministry of Finance/Economy, and other government bodies) have published rules and regulations regarding the B/5 Israel Investor Visa for USA Citizens. At that time, the American government took a step towards the initiative by providing Israeli residents with the same type of visa.

What is the B/5 Israel Visa?

As for now, this type of Israeli visa is available only to US residents who create and operate a business there. In other words, they invest in and own a business in Israel, which allows them and their relatives to live in this country. The minimum amount of investment has not been established yet. It will be determined by several factors depending on the size of the business, the number of new jobs, etc.

General requirements for US investors:

  • An American investor is allowed to create and develop a business only at his own expense;
  • A business co-owner can get the B/5 visa only if his share is at least 50%;
  • The investor cannot provide jobs to foreign specialists if he cannot provide for all the attracted expats and their families;
  • A business created in Israel should develop the country’s economy through new jobs, technologies, services, etc.

If approved, the Israeli Ministry of Interior and members of the newly created committee may recommend the businessman for the B/5 visa. In the American equivalent, such a visa is intended for 24 months, but investors can extend it while the business makes a profit. If you need help or answers, please contact a business contract lawyer.

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