How are the Pandemic Impacting Patents & Trademarks?

The pandemic has impacted just about every industry, even making changes to the current patent and trademark application system.

New Program in Place

The United States Patent and Trademark Office created a new program that is designed to prioritize the examination of patent applications for inventions that are related to COVID-19.

The program started in early May and is specifically designed to deal with specific FDA approval products, new drug applications, and devices.

In June, the USPTO expanded this program to prioritize trademark applications for those who use services in connection with COVID-19.

The hope is that the program will help speed up the process of those important inventions and trademarks that can be lifesaving due to the pandemic.

The USPTO is working around the clock to get these important things reviewed so they can hit the market quickly.

Working with an Intellectual Property Attorney

Applying for a patent and trademark can be time-consuming, especially during a pandemic.

If you are wanting to apply for a patent or trademark, you should always consult with an Arizona patent attorney to keep you in the loop of all the changes, current requirements, and the status of your application.

Especially if you want to protect any inventions tied to COVID-19. With the new program in place to speed up these applications, time is on your side.