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How Acupuncture For Fertility Works

Acupuncture is a remedial technique originated in China as Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM). There are certain points in body called energy meridians which on activation by inserting thin needles, release Qi energy that stimulates central nervous system(CNS).

Acupuncture for fertility: According to TCM infertility occurs due to imbalance in vital mechanisms, blockages in Qi energy flow. The blockages in energy flow cause heat, deficiency and stagnancy syndrome, affecting the functioning of reproductive system. Acupuncture works perfectly for both male and female infertility issues like low semen count, polycystic ovaries. The blockages are removed by inserting thin needles in specific energy meridians located at different body parts. It regulates harmonal balance, removes accumulated fluids from tissues, improves ovarian and follicular functioning and increases blood flow in reproductive organs.
Acupuncture can be done with other allopathic or herbal remedies for infertility and is free of any side effects. A learned acupuncturist does all the process. It may take 5-6 sessions on weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. The sterility of needles used for acupuncture must be assured to avoid any risks for infections.