Hiring A New Carpet Cleaning Service? Ask These Questions!


Carpets add aesthetic value to the interiors and can be used as one of the simplest ways to cover up floor issues. Of course, maintenance is one aspect that concerns most homeowners, given that just using a vacuum cleaner, or basic cleaning is never enough. If you plan to hire a new service for carpet cleaning in Brisbane Southside, we insist that you ask these basic questions before taking the call.

  1. Are you licensed? A company that’s not licensed and doesn’t have the required permissions for the job is never worth trusting. There are many services that are just taking contracts and selling these to subcontractors for a small commission. Make sure that the company you choose is a real one.
  2. What are the charges? These days, carpet cleaners don’t have a fixed price for jobs, so in all likeliness, they will send in their expert, who will take a look at your house and offer a quote. No matter the process, ask for an estimate in advance.
  3. What are your cleaning methods? Carpets can be dry-cleaned, but in some cases, wet cleaning is also required to get rid of the stains. Talk to the service to know what kind of procedures and methods they use, and whether those are safe for your expensive carpets.
  4. Are these products safe for kids and pets? Often, carpet cleaning products tend to be high on chemicals, which can be unsafe for young kids and pets. Ask the company if they are using products that minimize health risks and environmental damage.
  5. Do you have a team? Don’t be surprised, but many carpet cleaning companies don’t even have a team in place. They often hire people as and when they have a contract, and that’s something you need to check in the first place. The people working for the company should be on payroll.
  6. Will you clean in my absence? It would be great to come to a clean home, so check if the serviced can handle your request. However, we would recommend that you stay put for the first cleaning session, just to know the process better.
  7. Will you offer references? If a carpet cleaning company has been around for a while, they should be able to offer references on request. Call up a few to know their experience, and as another option, you can also check for reviews online.

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