Skin Care

Healing Lip Balm Tips

Healing lip balm can do wonders for dry, cracked and otherwise damaged lips but that alone may not be enough. When utilizing these products, there are a few things that one should and should not do. While the balm helps soothe and protect, it is still important to care for the lips. This includes refraining from licking the lips excessively, chewing or peeling the skin away and avoiding abrasive activity. In addition, the delicate skin on the lips need to be protected from the elements. This means choosing a balm that is going to create a barrier. Lips can actually be chapped as a result of dryness, wind and even the sun. Lastly, ointments aimed at healing should also offer moisture. Keeping the lips properly hydrated can not only assist in soothing and healing but can help prevent chapped, painful lips in the first place.