Adult Stuff

Harness and the Human Pet

Show me an obedience pup, and I will show a great harness. You do your research on this; if you don’t believe my word. That is what it is

 Any fetish look would be incomplete without a harness. A harness with a cock ring is already a complete costume. It’s the most excellent approach to accentuate your chest while also providing a push-up effect on the critical and private portions.

In a straight bar, you rarely see a man wearing a leather harness. However, if you go to some gay bars, even if they aren’t specifically “leather clubs,” you’ll see a man wearing a leather accessory—a harness.

The harness is made of flexible materials and comes in traditional hues. It gives you the impression that you are in charge of the situation. If you’re an excellent handler, you won’t hesitate to add a harness to your collection.

Look no further if you want to take your puppy play to the next level. It gives your game panache and flare. Join the bandwagon right now!