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Going To A Specialized Foot Surgeon

Ankle and foot pain can be caused by many different factors, including trauma, injury, deformities, arthritis, congenital abnormalities, and everyday abuse and overuse. Treatment of foot and ankle problems requires a specialized foot surgeon. A foot surgeon specializes in treating athletes and those who suffer from other sports-related foot and ankle problems. He uses both arthroscopic and non-arthroscopic surgical techniques to treat many patients with varying degrees of pain and swelling.

There are certain areas of the foot that are more susceptible to injury than others. The heel, ball of the foot, toes, ankle, and knee are all areas that are at risk for causing pain or problems. Orthopedic surgeons often use a hammerlock squeeze technique to remove problematic tendons and ligaments from specific areas. This procedure is a fast and straightforward solution for superficial tears and areas of swelling in the foot. If an athlete or person who has been in an accident requires reconstructive surgery, the entire body can be affected.