Getting Padi Instructor Training

The PADI instructor development course (IDC), the heart of all PADI instructor training courses, is highly structured and comprehensive. The PADI instructor development IDC course in Malaysia and Thailand focuses on the importance of team spirit and encourages a sense of responsibility among students as instructors and students.

Students are taught to be self-reliant, and they learn to identify and develop their strengths and weaknesses. The course includes training on watercraft operation, navigation and rescue functions, river kayaking, river rafting, ice fishing, and more. The system also takes into consideration how to teach ethics to students. Students are taught how to conduct themselves professionally during PADI instructor training. This includes learning how to work with people, communicate effectively, manage their time effectively, and conduct themselves with professionalism and dignity.

Some many schools and universities offer PADI instructor training. Some of them offer certificates, and others provide a full degree.