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Gelatin Shots Add Variety To Your Cocktail Party

Gelatin shots will give you a cocktail in a jiggly format instead of as a normal drink. They are easy to make and make for a novelty that is much appreciated at parties, especially by the younger crowd.

They are drinks that you can make the night before and can be made with a varying amount of alcohol so that it suits the taste of the people whom you have invited in. You can also make them in various colors and this adds to their versatility.

The making of these shots requires the use of unflavored gelatin that is added into boiling water to which you can add the desired alcohol. Flavored vodka and schnapps are those that are universally acceptable, and to this can also be added any quantity of a fizzy drink like 7up.

The shots need at least 4 hours to become firm and set so that they can be served.