Geelong Natural Therapies: A Detailed Overview

Geelong Natural Therapies is a Geelong-based business that provides a range of natural therapies, including reflexology and massage. It has been providing these services since 1997. Geelong Natural Therapies offers several advantages to its customers:

1) Geelong Natural Therapies offer an extensive range of treatments for all types of conditions
2) They are very affordable as they provide discounts for students, pensioners, and families
3) They have won the Better Business Bureau Award every year since 2009

The Geelong Natural Therapies website provides information about their treatments, staff, and office location. They also offer online booking appointments, which can be done by filling out the form on their website or using an automated system available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The team consists of two registered nurses, one physiotherapist, and one naturopath experienced in clinical diagnosis and treatment planning.