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Frosted Glass Shower Screens Open Up Spaces

Frosted Glass Shower Screens are resilient and attractive. Plus, they increase natural light. In addition, frosted screens provide privacy in the shower. Moreover, they open small spaces and give bathrooms a visually inviting and fluid atmosphere. Glass is a smart design choice for showers and frosted glass allows homeowners to fully customize their showers. Some of the available glass colors include smoky gray, sage, rose, aqua, peach, and lavender, pale yellow and light blue. Frosted glass is less constricting than regular shower screens or curtains and it makes the shower feel less claustrophobic and closed in. Screens are also modern and sleek and will update the bathroom and shower. One advantage of glass screens is that they perfectly balance privacy with openness. Screens can last for years and come in a variety of widths and heights and are partially or fully framed or frameless.