Floor Runners Preserve Your Installed Flooring

Floor runners are the perfect solution for a well-trafficked hallway. The entry into a mudroom that sees the feet of everyone in the house can be covered with a runner. Depending on the season, you may prefer to use a rubber runner to protect a wood floor. If you have a tile floor, you might want to prevent slipping. To do so, a thick Berber rug or low pile synthetic rug might do.

Runners are ideal for any area where there is significant traffic, and the floors have the potential to be worn over time. To prolong the life of your floor, place a long rug that covers the full length of the area you wish to protect.

Fancy designs might be preferred in a foyer. Plain and functional might be useful in front of a kitchen sink. In the hallways between the bedrooms you have your choice of floral or geometric designs or basic solid colors. Every rug length is available in natural or synthetic fibers.