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Finding Your Way Through Gut Health Products

Today, more gut health products than ever are on the market, which creates confusion for the person trying to lead a healthier life. First in the alimentary canal or the digestive tract is the stomach, where complex molecules of protein, fat and carbohydrate are broken down by enzymes. An insufficiency of these enzymes can lead to digestive problems, but enzyme supplements are available that will address this need. The broken-down food progresses to the intestines.

In the intestines, beneficial bacteria feeds upon everything that we eat, which helps to eliminate bad bacteria. You can assist this process by taking a prebiotic supplement with a meal, a group of nutrients that good bacteria feeds upon. In addition, you can supplement its growth by taking a daily dose of a probiotic product full of live bacteria, usually a yogurt or fruit drink. Raw biotics serve the same function as prebiotic products, and are usually based on natural yogurts and cheese, such as kefir and maas. Used in conjunction with a healthy diet, gut products will help maintain a healthy digestion, throughout life.