Arts and Crafts

Famous Washington DC Artists

Famous Washington DC artists include a host of art genres, from film actors to baseball players. They have all exhibited great talent and accomplished much. Their time in the spotlight ranges from before 1968 to the present.


• Oscar and Golden Globe nominee Dyan Cannon
• Of Broadway Musical & Film Fame, comedian, singer, dancer-Carol Channing
• Jim Caviezel played lead role in Mel Gibson’s “Jesus Christ”
• MTV Movie Award Winner (“Traffic”) actress Erika Christensen


• Guitarist/Songwriter Jerry Cantrell noted for the rock group, Alice in Chains
• Guitarist/Songwriter Kurt Cobain famous as front man for rock band, Nirvana
• Grammy Award winning Singer/Songwriter Judy Collins of ‘Send in the Clowns’ fame


• Chester F. Carlson physicist and inventor of Xerography

Baseball Player

• Ron Cey played third baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers (one World Championship/ w MVP and 4 National League Pennants)


• Dale Chihuly created large scale glass sculptures with his largest permanent exhibit on display in the Oklahoma Museum of Art


• Raymond Carver wrote short stories and poems, among America’s greatest writers