Eyelash Magnets Are The Answer

For so many years I’ve struggled with false eye lashes. Afraid of getting glue in my eye and struggling to place them are just a few of the hurtles women struggled with until magnetic eyelashes hit the market. Eyelash magnets are the answer for those who fear the glue. The beauty of magnet eyelashes is that they go on with ease and without concerns. The liquid magnet goes on like a perfect liquid eyeliner. Placing the eyelashes onto the magnetic eyeliner just moments after applying, allowing a few moments for drying, will ensure perfect lashes that last all night long. Eyelash magnets are considered an advancement in makeup safety. While no cosmetic product applied to or around the eye can be completely safe, magnet lashes have provided an advancement in safety that isn’t easily overlooked because it’s typically the key reason customers try this new type eyelash.