Exploring Different Types of Industrial Doors

For various practical reasons, industrial doors need to be practical and large, often to facilitate movement of vehicles, inventory and everything else. The choice or type of industrial doors depends on many factors, including the industry, nature of operations, and it is usually not recommended to compromise on the price.

In this post, we take a look at different range industrial doors.

  • Roller doors. This kind of door basically opens and closes in a vertical way, and when the door is opened, it rolls up right on the top. Most roller doors are opened manually, where the big ones are opened using a string. The roller door curtain can be made from a single sheet of the material, usually steel, or as panels of steels combined together.
  • Sectional overhead door. Such kind of door is usually made of a bunch of panels and tends to be stronger and more suitable for insulation needs. If you want something more than a traditional roller door, this is one to go for. This is also suited for industries where the storage facility must be protected from weather elements. Typically, such doors are more frequently used for the retail stores and industries.

  • Folding doors. When there is no enough room to install the other two types of doors we just mentioned, a folding door works wonders. This kind of door is more suited for industrial spaces, where the headroom is limited. Much like sectionals, folding doors can be made from a number of different materials, including insulated ones, making this a practical choice for many industries.
  • Sliding doors. The fourth option is a sliding door, which slides to one side or both, as designed. The door panels are usually made of just one section, which usually is operated manually. Some of the sliding doors can be extremely large, making this more of an apt choice for the agricultural sector.
  • Round-the-corner door. This kind of door usually is made of vertical panels that slide on the side and can be rolled around the corner. Round-the-corner doors are more suitable and useful where you want to restrict entry or access to the industrial space.

Find a company that specializes in industrial doors and take a call according to your requirements. In case of industrial doors, quality and installation are two aspects that need immediate attention, so check for a company that doesn’t cut corners.