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Expert Witness Network Management

An expert witness is a professional with special knowledge or experience in a particular area. In the legal sense, expert witnesses are individuals who have been qualified by the court to offer an opinion on matters of fact under consideration and law for use as evidence.

Expert Witness Network Management provides expert guidance on planning, establishing, managing, and overseeing this key function in your law firm.

– It should be considered a business unit with its infrastructure including financial controls

– Working closely with legal counsel will help you understand what needs to be done

– When setting up or managing your network, it’s important to consider budgets for each area of expert witness tasks, including travel and per diem expenses, office space costs, expert time on task reports/timesheets, expert witness reports, expert discovery, and trial preparation

– Under US Federal Rule of Evidence 702, you must demonstrate that your expert’s testimony will be both relevant to the case at hand (relevance) and reliable (reliable where reliability is defined as “scientifically valid” under Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals). This

The expert witness network is a crucial component of any law firm. It requires expert management and oversight to maintain the integrity and reputation of the expert witness and provide for an organized, efficient, and productive environment that will produce quality testimony at trial.