Examples Of Pet Robots

For people that haven’t got the space for a live animal but would like a pet for company technology has the answer in the form of a pet robot. Here are some examples of pet robots:

• Aibo – this robot dog from Sony has been available since 1999 and the most recent example has new programming interfaces that allow users to program it to recognize objects and movements. You can even potty train this affectionate and lovable mechanical hound.

• Qooboo – this is a therapy robot that resembles a large furball with a tail and responds to touch; when stroked its tail moves gently while more active play results in quicker tail motion.

• Paro – this is another example of a therapeutic robot. Designed for hospital patients and the elderly this robot looks like a baby harp seal and responds to touch. It can also be programmed to respond to its owner’s voice and eye contact.