Examples Of DDLG Clothes

Daddy Dom or Little Girl (DDLG) is a BDSM power dynamic in which one actor has a caregiver role (the daddy) while the other is a little girl. This is not necessarily related to sex, rather it is a form of role play that includes childlike clothing and toys.

DDLG clothes for this kind of role play ranges from the notorious schoolgirl outfit to fluffy pink pajamas. Shops that sell this type of clothing that can offer dinosaur miniskirts, care bear t-shirts, cupcake blown up bralettes and panties with ‘Yes Daddy’ branded on the tush. For those who want the full package, they also offer a choice of high heels, girly shoes and a wide variety of sexy underwear among other things.

The image that is desired is rather innocent and often not sexual. It reinforces the idea that this type of role play moves the focus from sexual pleasure or dominance to the caregiver role.