Everyone Benefits From Tantric Sex

People keep asking questions like: “what is tantric sex?” They want to understand the benefits it brings to the table.

Tantric sex supports embracing, honoring, and empowering ourselves and our partner to be who we are at any point time; it could be through communication, physical sex, or energy exchange.

The decision to trust is the first thing. The less judgmental we are, the more intimate we will become with our partner, such that in our most intimate moments we make the critical discoveries regarding our deepest self.

In tantric sexology, along with the mental and spiritual healing aspects of this loving practice, there is also a vast physical healing component. Believe it or not, orgasm isn’t the primary subject here. The idea of not having an orgasm was hard for people to consider at first. Still, once they started to realize the value of being present with their partners, sharing energy, and enjoying the freedom of speech, sex became so much more than physical gratification and so much more blissful — not to mention increased stamina, mental concentration, and energy levels.