Equipment For TRX Workouts Is Portable And Economic

TRX is Total Resistance Exercises, and is a suspension trainer that consists of two main straps that can be adjusted, and has handles and foot straps. You have to anchor these straps to a specific anchor, and this can be anywhere in your home, or even on trees as long as you make sure that the anchor is firmly attached.

A TRX workout can consist of a push that can give you a chest press, pushups and triceps press. Pulling exercises can be a biceps curl, low row, or inverted row. You can do the TRX plank, crunches or mountain climbers exercises. Rotate your body with the oblique crunch, power pull or rotational ward. Lunges can be in the form of split squats, step back lunge or a balance lunge. Do the squat TRX exercises with a hamstring curl, squat or squat jump.

A TRX suspension trainer leverages gravity and your weight to perform literally hundreds of body weight exercises.