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Epoxy Has Wide Use In Concrete

Epoxy is an adhesive that has seen extensive use in bonding concrete. Its most common use is as a form of a coating that brightens dull concrete floors and also gives the floors additional properties that increase its durability, high performance, and smooth surfaces.

Epoxy is also used to repair cracks in concrete, as grout or bonding agent, to coat rebar to give it added protection, as a sealer, as part of mortar, and even as an admixture for concrete in structures used for storage of liquids.

An epoxy concrete floor has high aesthetic appeal and floors can be customized to suit any decor or color scheme. These floors can be used both inside and outside. They increase light reflectivity to a large extent, have a long lifespan, and are above all environmentally friendly. These floors can be made slip-resistant and require no maintenance other than cleaning.