Health Care

Enter The Clear Safety Mask And The Return Of True Communication

The clear safety mask come in two forms: the safety shield which covers the face but does not interfere with breathing and the face mask which covers the nose and mouth. In the case of the clear face mask, the nose is always covered with a material with pores so you can breathe, and the lips are covered with the clear heavy weight plastic.

These masks give the people you encounter a sense of calm because person they are facing can be seen clearly. Along with Covid-19 came the prolific wearing of face mask which covered all the important features of the face, our expressions. With our expressions both smiles, grimace and frowns covered up, people couldn’t tell what our reactions were, and communication became more stilted and non-committal.

Clear masks make it possible to have full communication between people once again. Now, you can see the facial expressions of the one to whom you’re talking.