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Effective Ways Of Treating Spider Vein.

Spider vein happen to both men and women of any age, and can also occur in pregnant women due to standing for long hours.

They usually happen when blood settles in the veins near the skin, and they can also be hereditary, caused by obesity, trauma and also changes in hormones.

Some of the ways that can be used spider veins treatment include;


This form of treatment involves injecting of concentrated saltwater into the veins that have the problem, whereby the solution irritates the blood vessel thus causing a scar, then the vein closes.

Laser treatment

In this method a vein surgeon heats the veins or when the varicose veins are bigger, they use a catheter to insert a laser inside the vein thus stopping the flow of blood.

Medical glue

This is where the surgeons use glue to close up the veins.