Does Motor Insurance Cover Damage Due to Riots?

An unfortunate event of civil unrest, such as a riot, could see your vehicle suffer serious damage. This can truly be devastating for you, financially and emotionally. Now, you might wonder whether damages due to riots get covered as part of your car insurance policy. The answer to that question depends on what kind of car insurance coverage you have. Let’s take a look.

There are two main types of motor insurance policies – third-party insurance and comprehensive insurance. A third-party insurance policy is the most basic type of coverage you can get and is mandatory according to The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Third-party insurance pays for any losses sustained by the third-party in the event of them being involved in a mishap with you. Do note that this type of insurance does not cover your own damages.

On the other hand, a comprehensive car insurance plan goes above and beyond to cover your own losses as well as the damages sustained by the third party in an accident with you. It is comprehensive car insurance that also compensates you if you suffer losses due to man-made calamities such as riots.

This is why it makes sense to always opt for comprehensive car insurance. A riot can leave your vehicle completely destroyed. The windshield could be damaged due to stone throwing or the entire body and engine could get burnt in a fire, leaving the vehicle irreparable. The losses thus sustained would be immense – whether you have just purchased your vehicle or even if it is a couple of years old. Furthermore, the insurance company also covers occupants who unfortunately get injured or suffer fatalities inside the vehicle during a riot.

Do note that your insurance company will conduct their own investigation into the authenticity of your claim. If any of the damage has been found to be inflicted by the car owner, the claim will be nullified. Moreover, the vehicle insured party themselves should not be involved in any legal or police case concerning involvement in the riots.

Filing a claim

If your vehicle has sustained any damages in a riot, you need to contact your insurance company as soon as you can. Simply call them up on the toll-free number from the safety of your home and follow the procedure they dictate for filing the claim. In case you have personally sustained any injuries, your insurance company will have provisions to allow you to file a late claim given the seriousness of the situation.

Your insurance company may need you to submit certain documents such as FIR, repair bills, and newspaper clippings. They will also send someone to personally assess the exact damages sustained by your vehicle.

Once your claim is accepted, you will receive the funds due for payout – which is usually the insured declared value (IDV) in case of total damage to the vehicle.

This is an overview of coverage for riots under comprehensive car insurance. Do note that the exact policy details and process will vary between insurance providers so, do be sure to discuss the same with your insurance agent/company.