Do You Know When to Use Hydraulic Torque Wrench for Bolting?

If you want to use rotational force on the bolt head then you must apply twist force to the bolt so that it will move closer to the nut as you apply each torque. By using any wrench, you can do this manually. However, if have to do this operation in any tight space, heavy duty project or in any industrial machinery then manual wrenches cannot be the right option because of following reasons:

  1. The application force required is very high that cannot be achieved with manual force
  2. Correct angle required for installing the bolt into the nut may not be right and as a result the alignment may be faulty
  3. It may not be very safe method and may pinch your hand or bust your knuckles etc.

In such condition for applying torque tools force, the best option can be:

  • A bolt tensioner
  • A pneumatic impact-wrench
  • A hydraulic torque-wrench

Here, in this write-up we shall focus on hydraulic torque wrench. This is a power tool which has been designed in order to exert torque force on any fastener in order to achieve proper tightening of the joint or loosening of the same with the help of hydraulic force. Usually hydraulic torque wrenches apply a measured amount of torque which can be controlled to a fastener which is lubricated.

An engineer in Houston, called George A. who invented Hydraulic torque wrench and it was launched first time in the market during early 1960 in very basic form. The present day hydraulic torque wrench has undergone many technological modifications. Some of these modifications are made in order to make it safer and few others for ergonomics and other convenience

The following attributes of hydraulic torque sets apart from any other kind of torque wrench or any tightening tools:

  • It uses only hydraulics
  • Applied torque force applied can be accurately determined
  • Self-ratcheting

In the following condition you need to use hydraulic torque wrench for any job:

  • When you need higher clamping force because hydraulic torque wrench gives very high amount of torque force
  • When you need very accurate and consistent torque force as hydraulic fluid never compress
  • When you need hydraulics in order to apply torque force on fasteners
  • When you need compressive force so that fastener may exert on the joint
  • When you need predetermined and controlled amount of torque force
  • When torque force is needed as per the hydraulic fluid pressure