Do You Know the Advantages of Hydraulic Tensioner?

Hydraulic tensioners, stud and bolt tensioning can offer following important benefits:

  • Very accurate and repeatable stud-loading

The theory as well as practice of tightening by using any hydraulic tensioners, bolt tensioners and any hydraulic stud is quite simple. Hydraulic stud tensioner can be a kind of special type of hydraulic cylinder.

Any tension that it applies to a stud will be directly proportional to area of this hydraulic cylinder and also the hydraulic pressure that is supplied by pump. As all these variables are very closely controlled, the stud tensioning can be highly accurate.

  • Uniform stud loading

Even any loading in each of the stud is important, specifically in applications with gaskets. Multiple numbers of hydraulic stud tensioners are recommended for applications, where there are a greater number of studs.

Hydraulic Tensioners are internally connected with each other and also to the pump. When the hydraulic pressure will increase, tension in each of the stud will be the same, and its flange will come together evenly and simultaneously.

  • Saving of both time and labor

When multiple numbers of hydraulic stud tensioners, work together, then it can save time. Using any hydraulic tensioners is normally faster than using only hydraulic torque wrenches.

As compared to torque, for every 4 studs on flange, and “25% cover” using any single hydraulic tensioner can typically cut your tightening time by almost 50%. Keeping single hydraulic tensioner for each 2 studs, or for “50% cover”, your time is cut by 33% more.

  • Ease of safety and use

Hydraulic tensioners, bolt tensioners and hydraulic stud have very high power-to-weight ratio. Usually they can be lighter, much less bulky and easier to use as compared to torque tools. Any single operator can work in most of the applications with much less effort.

Operator will handle the parts of hydraulic tensioner parts e.g. Puller Bar, Load Cell and Bridge separately. Weight of any of these parts will usually be significantly less as compared to weight of hydraulic wrench/socket, for the same tightening capacity and stud size.

Hydraulic bolt tensioners and studs are much safer to use as compared to bolt heaters or slugging wrenches. The hand or air operated, hydraulic pumps can be inherently explosion proof.

  • Much increased stud life

Hydraulic Stud Tensioning can eliminate seizing and thread galling. While using Hydraulic Tensioners, its nut and threads contact surfaces will not see high contact pressures which cause galling.