Do You Know How Wirelines and Slickness Can Work?

For both wirelines and slicklines, the tools inserted in the well for workover and logging are quite similar devices.

Slickline is a thin cable, which is introduced in the well for delivering and retrieving tools downhole, and wireline is electrical cable used for lowering tools into and then transmit data about the conditions of wellbore in Renegade Wireline Services.

Wireline is multiline cable or high-tensile single strand line used to suspend downhole sensors and tools into gas or oil wells.

Benefit of using a wireline is, it always can deliver excellent results immediately and also allow for data and electricity to be transferred in between surface and equipment inside the well.

Wireline logs

Wireline logs was first developed in 1927, to measure formation properties inside a well by using electrical wire lines.

Different from mud logs, these wireline logs are downhole measurements sent via the electrical wireline that is used for helping geologists, engineers and drillers to make real-time decision regarding drilling operations.

These wireline logs are able to measure resistivity, conductivity, formation pressure, and also wellbore dimensions and sonic properties.

There is a logging tool, which is also called sonde, located at bottom of wireline. All the measurements are generally taken by lowering wireline to prescribed depth and thereafter raising it out from the well.

All the measurements are continuously taken while on the way-up, in order to make an effort for sustaining tension on line.

Workover Operations

While making wells there is a need for remedial work for sustaining, restoring or enhancing production, which is also known as workover? Quite often, workover operations will require production shut-in too, but always it may not be the case.

During the workover operations, certain well-servicing unit can be used for winching items in and also out of wellbore. Line used for raising and lowering equipment is braided wireline of steel or single steel slickline.

Such workover operations that are conducted may also include well clean-up, production logging, setting plugs and also perforation through explosives.

Various wireline services and tools and equipment will endure some of the following types of tasks:

  • To evaluate formation pressures and also downhole temperatures
  • In order to locate fluid level, scraping debris and plugging wells
  • To recover objects or in order to set objects into the bore
  • For perforating for facilitating circulation to annulus

There are various tools necessary to maintain wells and also to provide an array of services and access to industry for oil and gas. You can find few companies offering such specialty tools for all wireline needs.