Scuba Diving

Diving On The Philippines Island Of Cebu

Clear water offering visibility up to 30 meters is just one reason why Cebu diving is so popular. The Philippines island of Cebu attracts divers of all abilities, all year round, although October to May is generally considered the best time. One highlight of diving here is the chance to see a whale shark, the largest fish in the world, although smaller sea creatures can also be seen here, and macro-photography has become surprisingly popular. Diving in the waters off Cebu also means experiencing the many reefs, often teeming with sea turtles, as well as
a variety of caves, and wrecks that dot the ocean floor. Cebu has plenty of diving resorts and companies that offer live aboard diving trips. Many resorts provide diving equipment rentals and sales, certification, lessons and tours. Water sports and other activities are widely available on the island, although it’s the great diving that draws many people here every year.