Dip Alternative Workouts To Try

Bodybuilders ought to understand the benefits of every exercise. Competent coaches guide their trainees on ideal workout moves depending on their goals and body conditions. Outlined below are some dip alternative.


Kickbacks are examples of triceps workout. The exercises are ideal for bodybuilders who wish to reduce stress on their bodies as they target triceps muscles. Besides, your instructor will guide you on how they are performed.

Bench Press

Use close grip table press to target your triceps muscles. Again, your trainer will ensure the grip is closer than the traditional press. Ensure the arms are closer to work out the triceps.

Lying Triceps Extension

Go for lying triceps extension instead of dips. Ensure that the weight you pick is reasonable to avoid accidents. In addition, follow what the instructor orders.


Workout instructors should guide their trainees on the right dip alternatives. Find out the benefits of each workout. Also, adhere to the provided instructions to avoid injuries.