Different Kinds of Materials Commonly Used as Bulkhead Material

If your house is near any seashore or lakeside, then it is necessary to use bulkheads. You can maintain your valuable soil in its proper place and prevent any kind of erosion of sea shore line. With the help of bulkhead, you can build a clear separation between land and water. Bulkhead can also prevent the soil to go downside and it can also be used as a protection against possible flood situation.

As a bulkhead material, you have many options nowadays and we shall discuss about few materials that are commonly used for this purpose.

  • Wood piling

You can get both treated versions as well as natural versions of wood pilings and they are treated with different kinds of chemicals of varied concentration in order to withstand the exposure of salt water or fresh water exposure. They are also available in different sizes with different kinds of cross sections.

  • Treated lumber sheeting

These are also chemically treated lumber and meant for seawater and other water exposure. It can resist against fungal damage, water damage or rotting. In certain areas however, this material may be prohibited for use due to various chemicals used for treating this material.

  • Steel sheet piling

These are interlocking steel panels and provide strong barrier against waves and erosion. However, it can get affected due to electrochemical reactions, corrosion and other physical damages over a period of time. They are relatively heavier and expensive material too.

  • Vinyl sheet piling

This is an alternate to steel piling however much stronger and durable and not affected by any corrosion or electrochemical reactions. You can get them in many different finishes and it can withstand the harsh weather conditions of seashore and sunlight. They do not contain any toxic chemicals like wood pilings.

  • Composite sheet piling

They are also similar to vinyl piling and having strength of steel but much lighter than steel. It can also withstand various harsh weather conditions like vinyl sand quite cost effective than steel.

  • Aluminum sheet piling

Aluminum pilings are another alternative of steel piling having similar strength but much less in weight. Also, like steel, they are not prone to get corroded due to exposure and neither affected by any electrochemical reactions. It is much easier to handle and install. They will also last much longer than steel and having comparable cost that of steel.

You need to therefore choose your bulkhead materials very carefully so that you need not spend too much on their maintenance.